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Frequently asked questions

What's my method of working?


To spur some inspiration and ideas I like to keep a collection of photographs of flowers, portraits, color palettes, and even music. I then take to a piece by subconsciously placing elements inspired by some early impressions. And when I am painting abstract florals, the process is usually highly intuitive, images coming to mind, on their own. Unbound. I am naturally drawn towards painting in loose and abstract styles, so even when I approach portraits or figuratives I like rendering them a bit dream-like, or a memory I’m trying to get hold of. 

How to purchase?


All paintings on the website are for sale and can be purchased through PayPal. If you would prefer paying using a different payment method instead of PayPal, please get in touch —


How to care for your painting over time?


For Canvas paintings- 

  • Keep paintings out of direct sunlight. The painting will have a protective layer of varnish, but it is still possible for it to crack or fade if subjected to bright sunlight for long periods of time.

  • Dust the painting with a clean, soft rag occasionally to prevent dust buildup. Don't use cleaning products or water!

  • Try to avoid subjecting the painting to extreme changes in atmosphere. Avoid excessive dryness, humidity, heat or cold. All of these conditions can affect the state of the painting in a negative way (canvas puckering, paint cracking, etc.).

  • Do not frame paintings on canvas under glass, because canvas needs to breathe, if it is framed under glass you may trap moisture inside the frame.

What materials do I use?


I only use art supplies and paints that can help my paintings — the original colors, textures, and emotions — last the test of time. 


Brands I usually prefer —


Acrylics: Golden, Liquitex and W&N.  

Watercolours: Daniel Smith, W&N, Mijello, Sennelier

Oils: Winsor & Newton, Pebeo

Canvas: 100% cotton

Paper: Archival quality 

How does shipping work ?


It would take up to 14 days to ship an international order and 3 to 5 days for a domestic order. 

In case of oil paintings, as they take longer to dry, please expect an additional two weeks for the delivery. 

The shipping will be free for international buyers if you buy the larger paintings as canvas rolls. Simply select 'Canvas Roll' option at Checkout.

After receiving the roll you can take the unstretched canvas to your local framer and get it stretched to hang.


Does my painting come framed ?

No, frames are not included. Although if you buy my paintings in pre stretched they are ready to be hung without any frame.


For paintings on paper -


  • Again, keep the painting out of direct sunlight. If exposed to extreme heat or sunlight over long periods of time, paper can become brittle and can even shift the saturation level of few colors.

  • Ask your framer for non-glare glass, treated with a coating to protect the work from UV sunlight if possible. This not only protects your artwork from sunlight, the non-glare glass makes it easier to see the artwork surface when it is displayed.

  • The mat and backing of your frame should be made of acid free paper and finished with acid free tape. This is to avoid any moisture reaching your painting and damaging it.

All artwork is the sole property of Nitika Alé Art and is held under copyright. The images, artwork and contents of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or professional gain without express written permission from the artist.

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